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RNEE Flashcards

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Materiały źródłowe Edukacja
Desenvolvedor: Van Anh Ta

The app includes premade RNEE Flashcards. There are also games to make your RNEE test preparation fun such as matching, memorize and quiz.

Main features:

1. Leitner system support: You will be able to track your study progress.
2. Import your RNEE flashcards from FlashcardExchange, CourseHero and Quizlet and Superflashcard
3. Flashcard search: You will be able search and download premade RNEE flaschards on any subjects
4. Text to speed support: You will be able study your RNEE flashcards by listening.
5. Statistics: You will be able to track your RNEE flashcards